Dating and Relationship Mastery For Women Private Monthly Membership

Hey there beautiful!

Are you looking for a community where women just like you come together to learn how to heal their hearts, build healthy and authentic relationships and mend or attract healthy marriages?

How would you like to belong to a community where you feel...

  • Valued
  • Supported
  • Validated
  • Understood
  • Informed
  • Part of a Sisterhood
  • Like a Grown-Ass Woman..finally!

Then you are in the right place!

I created this monthly membership to offer support, coaching, healing, clarity for all past dating, relationship and marital experiences that have caused women so much pain.

This membership portal is a place where women just like you can "grow through" your past pain and "grow on" to raise your vibration so that you can attract and maintain the relationship/marriage that is perfectly imperfect for you.

Not sure if this is the place for you? Let's see how many of these scenarios can you identify with?

  • You cry yourself to sleep at night.
  • You're tired of feeling like you're being taken advantage of.
  • You have closed your heart to love due to your past pain.
  • You are quick to say that you don't NEED a relationship but deep down inside, you're dying without one.
  • You, like me, survived domestic violence and can't bring yourself to be that vulnerable again.
  • You've had to "man up" to survive, and now you don't know how to be in your feminine.
  • You are in a loveless and possibly faithless marriage and not sure if you should stay or go.
  • You can't trust anyone; you want to, but you don't know how.
  • You have been alone so long that you don't know how or even IF you want to take the chance of allowing someone in.
  • You've spent your life focusing on your career, your kids, your aging parents, your ex's goals and dreams, etc. and you think it's too late for you...

I could go on and on...but instead of trying to convince you of why you should join our community, let me share with you what will happen if you don't:

You will continue to...

  • Look for validation outside of you.
  • Attract the wrong people.
  • Repeat the same negative experiences.
  • Blame others for your inability to maintain a relationship.
  • Be alone and make excuses for it to cover up your pain.
  • Look to others to provide the love and acceptance that you've always wanted and be taken advantage of in the process.
  • Complain that no one understands you, because you don't understand yourself.

Isn't it time you belonged to a community of like-minded women that gave you the tools, exercises, videos, books, products, live events, retreats, etc. Isn't it time you began to...

  • BELIEVE that you deserve to have it AND that you CAN attract it.
  • ATTRACT the 'perfectly imperfect' man that is waiting to give it to you.
  • MAINTAIN a healthy and authentic relationship once you've attracted him.
  • Want to have the quality of life and love that you've always wanted?

Then get on in here with the rest of us!!!

There are 3 Levels to choose from:

  • Informed
  • Sisterhood
  • Grown-Ass Woman

And even though you can't put a price on having the relationship you've always wanted and the sisterhood you've never had, you can join the membership with an investment of $49/month and gain access to all of the videos and content that is currently loaded and all that will be loaded in the future as long as you're a member. As our community grows, you will not only see the value in sisterhood, but you will also notice the HUGE SHIFT in the quality of love you will begin to attract in your life.

Just in case you were thinking "I have friends, I don't need a group like this," let me share a little bit of information with you...

That group of girls you roll with...are not able to support you in the manner with the same level of support that you will receive from this community; not even your family. They don't know your pain, they are incapable of being objective, and you shouldn't expect them to. 

Stop looking for those that WANT to help you but don't have the TOOLS or experience to do so.

STOP taking advice from your perpetually single friends, or better yet, all of you all can join together...where else can you find this type of love and support for roughly $10 a week?

Sign up today for one of the membership levels below to get started healing your heart and accessing the tools you need to get your mind, body, and spirit in that you can attract and maintain the relationship that is right for you!!!!

Not sure if you want to make the commitment? Sign up in the month of July and receive 32 days absolutely FREE. This means that you get access to a sample of content and videos that can help you begin to shift the energy of your dating, relationship and marital experience before you pay anything. In other words, you will not be billed for the membership level that you have chosen for not 30 but 32 Days!!! 

The three levels are as follows: 

Being INFORMED increases dating and relationship confidence!
For the woman that prefers working on her "relationship development" on her own. This membership level grants you access to videos, worksheets, audios, previous classes and new mini-courses that you can access at your leisure. 

Being part of a SISTERHOOD creates strength, support, and extended family.
In addition to being INFORMED, this level provides you access to the SISTERHOOD private Facebook Group where you will have the ability to connect with other sister's on the journey, participate in 2 - group coaching calls per month, receive SISTERHOOD level discounts on products, private coaching programs and Master Classes and special seating at live events. 

Becoming a GROWN-ASS woman leads to long-term transformation.
For the woman that is ready to become that Grown-Ass Woman that she is always talking about and experience long-lasting transformation in every area of her life by learning more advanced spiritual concepts.

She is not only INFORMED and a part of the SISTERHOOD, but she also receives 1 - 30 Minute Private Coaching session with Anita per month; huge discount on additional private coaching programs, VIP Seating at Live Events and Invitations to Exclusive Private Retreats (stateside and abroad) at a huge discount **Private Coaching To begin once paid membership begins and the 32 day trial ends.

Don't wait, the doors of the membership group will only be open through July 31st at which time, they will close and not reopen again until 2019. I plan to spend the rest of this year loving on the women that take the decisive action to join building classes, holding group and private coaching calls and planning our live events, both stateside and international.

Hope to see you in the group!!!

To your dating, relationship and marital success!

Your Coach,

Anita Charlot