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New Courses Coming in 2023

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No matter your level of healing, confidence, or success in love, RA2 has a course for you.

Love & Relationships

Learn how to identify, attract, maintain, and/or reignite the relationships that are in alignment with the truth of who you are

Coming in 2023

Confidence Building

Identify and remove limiting beliefs so that you can live your best life in business and in love

Coming in 2023

Trauma Healing

Identify the source of your pain and begin to heal using practical and spiritual concepts

Coming in 2023

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Hi, I'm Anita, and I've been helping women navigate their home, work, and love lives for over 20 years

Join me for an introductory course called "Getting Your Needs Met" and start walking in the direction of attracting what you want with grace and ease

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Coming In 2023

How To Begin Healing From Corporate Trauma

Ready to learn the tools that will help you begin to heal? This masterclass is for you.

Coming Soon

5 Ways To Spiritually & Emotionally Disconnect From Your Ex(s)

When you need to do more than "pray about it," this course gives you 5 practical and spiritual exercises to do to help you disconnect from your ex(s).

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Can He Handle Your Grind?

Until you get crystal clear on the quality of life and love you want, you will continue attracting the wrong one.

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We’ll mix it up: different tools, and different exercises, each providing you with what you need to make a long-lasting mindset shift

To Be Challenged

Every class will challenge your old ways of thinking and push you to begin to see things with clarity and a way forward 


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