Revitalizing Corporate Relationships

Welcome to Relationship Architect Academy, where Anita Charlot, an award-winning retention strategist and ForbesBLK personality with over 30 years of experience as a relationship coach, leads the way in rekindling the love between companies and their employees. Our ethos, "They lied to you; Business IS personal!™," encapsulates our mission to transform workplace dynamics.

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Our Vision:

At the core of a successful company lies the strength of its relationships. Reconnecting employees with their organizations personally is beneficial and essential for enduring success. It's about reigniting a passion for work that transcends traditional notions of employee engagement.

Our Approach:

Emotional Intelligence and Empathy Training: Leveraging Anita's expertise in relationship coaching, we offer training that fosters emotional connections and understanding within teams. Our Conversations In Color™ Corporate Workshop uses our Coloring Her Dreams™ coloring book to help "heal" Black and Brown women in the workplace.

Personalized Engagement Strategies: Tailored programs that address the unique dynamics of each organization, fostering a renewed sense of belonging and purpose while increasing the bottom line. Including our Award-Winning R.E.A.L. Talk Conversation Series™.

Leadership Development: Focused on creating leaders who are not just managers but relationship architects capable of building strategic plans that ensure each employee feels valued and invested. We teach leaders how to do this through our R.E.A.L. Talk Conversation Series™ Leadership Training Program.

Our Impact

Relationship Architect Academy goes beyond conventional leadership development, embracing the deeply personal aspects of business. We're committed to cultivating workplaces where emotional bonds flourish, increasing satisfaction, loyalty, and performance. By bridging the gap between a company and its employees, we help create environments where people don't just work for a paycheck but for a purpose that builds legacy careers.

Our Passion

At Relationship Architect Academy LLC, our passion extends to empowering young girls and women, especially in the Black and Brown communities, to chase their dreams. Our Coloring Your Dreams Series - The Aspiring Executives Edition, creatively inspires future leaders, while our executive coaching provides Black and Brown women the tools and confidence to excel in their careers. Sometimes, we use the coloring books as part of our programs.

We're dedicated to nurturing a world where every woman is empowered to aim high and succeed. Want to learn how you can help put our coloring book into the hands of a young girl or an aspiring executive in your life? Click here or on the photo to learn more.

Meet Anita Charlot

Wellness & Retention Strategist | Executive Coach for Black and Brown Women | AI Integration Specialist for Small Businesses | Keynote Speaker | Board Member | Award Winning Founder and CEO

Empowering Leadership and Corporate Excellence


Anita Charlot brings over 25 years of interpersonal relationship coaching experience, 14 years of military experience, and extensive metaphysics and corporate culture knowledge to offer services to transform leaders and organizations.

From executive coaching to advisory board participation, Anita's services are tailored to foster growth, enhance employee engagement, and drive organizational success.

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Join Us In Our Mission

to transform the corporate world by making it more personal, connected, and human. Discover more about reigniting passion in the workplace.

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Corporate Responsibility

As part of our ongoing commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, our company recently embarked on a unique initiative to support the Aetas, an indigenous Black community living in the remote mountains of the Philippines.

Informed by insights from our dedicated assistant, Izza Magat, who lives in the Philippines and revealed the existence and challenges of these marginalized groups, our team was inspired to take immediate action.

We organized a trip where my assistant and her family distributed over 80 copies of our "Coloring Her Dreams™" coloring books and provided food to feed 150 people. This effort was not just about charity but about inspiring young minds.

The coloring books, which feature illustrations of little girls who resemble them, were chosen to affirm their identity and potential, instilling a sense of possibility and aspiration among the children, many of whom have limited access to formal education.