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Hi, I'm Anita Charlot!

Executive Relationship Coach for Women | Author | International Speaker | Global Woman Award Winner

As a happily married dual-preneur that has been in the business of relationships for almost 30 years, I have helped hundreds of women at the top of their industry navigate their competing work, love life, and home responsibilities with confidence and calm, all while being in command of their emotions.


The love of my life!!!

As a domestic abuse survivor and a woman who was used to playing small in my previous relationships, learning to trust again was a long hard journey.

However, after taking some time to really get clear on the quality of life and love I wanted, I did the work! I not only attracted my wonderful husband, but I attracted a man that saw, accepted, respected, and honored ALL of me...even with all of my competing work and familial responsibilities. 

He is a great balance for my dual-preneur nature and is the man that is "perfectly imperfect" for me. You can not only attract this into your life, but you can also "shift the energy" in your current relationship!

When Should You Hire A Coach?

You would hire me when you...

  • Have reached the top of the corporate ladder and are trying to determine your next move.
  • Have devoted your life to your children, and now that they are getting older and not wanting to hang out with you all of the time, you're feeling defeated, confused, and unwanted.
  • Are ready to love and need help with identifying, attracting, and then keeping the right one.
  • Are ready to uncover your hidden blocks to happiness in business and love.
  • Are leaders in your industry yet still suffer from Imposter Syndrome.
  • Realize that your identity has been tied to being a great employee, a good wife, and a better mother and want to find out who YOU really are.
  • Love what you do but need to learn how to balance competing responsibilities.
  • Want to take an honest look at yourself and discover unique ways to turn up the heat in your love life.
  • Have reached a turning point in your life and are trying to figure out “What's next?”
  • Are ready to heal your heart from past pain/abuse and learn how to trust and love again!
  • Determine if your relationship is worth saving and ways to either do so or create your exit plan.
  • Have several things to work on and need accountability while doing so.
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So Why Should You Work With Me?

I have the ability to “read between the lies” that my clients have allowed to run/ruin their lives. Helping them to get clear on the life they REALLY want and then teaching them how to attract it with grace and ease is my “Black Girl Magic!”

My clients continue to work with me because I give them permission to unapologetically put themselves on their calendars, support them when just the thought of doing this sends them into a panic attack, and hold them accountable until it becomes second nature for them to do it for themselves. In essence, give back the "ME time" that they so willingly gave away.

I know firsthand how women carry so many bags around with them that often, they are so exhausted that they cannot manage their emotions --at work or home - due to the pressure of trying to balance it all. Through working with me, my clients are imbued with confidence and calm while being in command of their emotions. Instead of being pulled too far to the left or the right, just like the justice scale...they become the stand in the middle.

As a woman in leadership and a domestic abuse survivor, my mission is to dare women to be happy both at work and in love and teach them exactly how to do it!

Not sure which option is right for you? Book a complimentary Discovery Session today so that we can talk through your options together. Let's talk!

Let's find a time that works for both of us!

You and I both recognize that you have a knack for making decisions when balancing multiple areas of your life. However, you find yourself stuck at this moment and could use some support and help in removing the blocks. You know that something needs to change, decisions need to be made about work, home, and your love life, and while you trust (the majority of) the decisions you make, the current decisions on your plate have you second-guessing yourself. You don’t necessarily need someone to tell you WHAT to do, but you could use someone to bounce your ideas off of and ask you the “deeper questions” to help you arrive at the decision that is right for you.

You’d prefer to have someone that has also been in “tight spots” before as a woman juggling family, business, and relationships to talk you through making your decision. Someone who does not believe in playing small or dimming her light to be happy in business or love can help you avoid doing the same. 

During our time together, we work to get to the bottom of what is standing in your way and then take the necessary steps to “clear the way” for you to make the decisions that require your immediate attention...with confidence and calm, all while being in command of your emotions.  

There are two ways I work with individual clients to help you be successful in the following areas:

Navigate your home, work, and love life with confidence and calm all while being in command of your emotions.

Free yourself from limiting behaviors that are holding you back in business and in love.

Receive support as you "grow through" and level up every area of your life.

Decisive Action Strategy Session

You have a couple of big decisions to make regarding your work and/or your relationship.  You’d really like to run these by someone who understands what your life is like - but you don’t feel like going to months of therapy or signing up for an expensive coaching commitment. In other words, you need to take Decisive Action now! Then this session is the right fit for you!

More about this session

Executive 1:1 Coaching

You've recognized that in order to move to the next level, whether in business or in love, you need to put in the work.

This six-month 1:1 program will provide you with a tailored program specific to your needs.

More about 1:1 Coaching

Relationship Success Mastermind Group

You're extremely busy. While you do not have the time or are not yet ready to dive into the challenges that you face daily, you still want to connect being in a community of women, just like you, who are experiencing the same types of challenges.

Relationship Success Mastermind

Where high-achieving women, just like you, come together twice a month to network, receive 1:1 coaching, exclusivity, work-life balance options, learn, grow, learn from, and support one another.

More about the Mastermind

A Few Kind Words From Clients

"I met Anita at a training class. Upon learning she was in business for herself, I was intrigued to learn more about it, so I signed up for a consultative session. I had no idea what to expect, and within minutes I was blown away. Anita was insightful by her questions and non-judgemental by her advice. She was extremely personable, professional, and super knowledgeable in her domain. She knew exactly where I was coming from without having to explain myself. In under an hour, I was extremely grateful for her advice and wholeheartedly recommend her to all!"

Linda Wall

"Have an amazing day coach! I so appreciate you! Thank you for walking with me on this journey. Thank you for helping me to heal and be whole. How clearly I see things in the world now that I’d only looked at for years. THANK YOU…I Thank God For you! Know that your work matters and it changes lives!! I love and appreciate you!"

Hazel Moore

"I’ve been married 5 years and sometimes it gets a little dull. My husband and I have faced many ups and downs. I’ve struggled with infertility, miscarriages,  my husband losing his job, our house almost going to into foreclosure and falling into a deep depression. Keeping it sexy challenge help me beyond the outside of WHAT I am. It made me look deeper into WHO I am internally. I loved the milk baths with flowers and love affirmations Anita made us do. Once I found Mercedes I was able to love again in my marriage. Thank you, Anita, for pulling out what I didn’t know I had in me. With a Grateful Heart"

Mercedes B.
Happily Married Woman

"Anita Charlot has been a great help in bringing my sexiness back. She is incredible!!! I did her Keeping It Sexy Challenge and it really made me feel vibrant and alive again. It spiced up my sex life AND rekindled my marriage!!!"

Zhane Kareen
Oklahoma City, OK

"I signed up for the Keeping it Sexy Challenge because I was curious. I wanted to see if there was a real solution to the challenges I faced within my marriage in the area of intimacy. From Day 1 of the challenge, I knew that if I wanted to unearth the root of the issue, I needed to dig deep. Unearthing the root to why I no longer felt sexy as I once did (it) shifted something within me. I never asked myself ‘why’ and being challenged to do so allowed me to explore my beliefs about sex, marriage, and intimacy. Admitting to myself that I have not felt sexy for 7 years was like shining a flood light in my face – that is a LONG time to feel disconnected and isolated from a part of your being. Visualizing my ideal date, my ideal body and my ideal marriage released something within me and I was given permission to explore it in my physical world. I went from not having sex for over a month, to having sex 3 times in one week! I was sold! I could tell that Anita has taken the time to research and test the techniques that she has provided as tools for us. In was at that moment that I realized that I wanted to continue forward with one-on-one coaching to fully unlock all the sexiness and passion laying dormant within me. This challenge was a needed Firestarter to release me to experience my greatest good in the area of marriage and intimacy – not only with my husband but with myself as well. If you do the work, it WILL WORK!"

Dawn M.