Welcome to the first edition of the Coloring Her Dreams™ Series,

the Aspiring Executives Edition!!!


Dive into a vibrant coloring journey with this one-of-a-kind book series, crafted not only for young girls with big dreams and lofty goals but also for adult women looking to reconnect with their inner child. This series serves as a creative canvas for exploring what it means to be a leader, an innovator, and a trailblazer at any age.

The Beauty of Ai

While exploring AI, I discovered a therapeutic pastime: creating coloring pages that resonated with my inner child. The more I engaged with this activity, the more these pages seemed to communicate with that inner part of myself.

In my executive coaching practice, which focuses on women of color, a significant aspect of my work involves guiding them to envision living their dreams.

I emphasize the empowering message that regardless of life's beginnings, everyone can design the life and career they desire.

Welcome to my world!

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Deep in the heart of Louisiana, a young girl had to drop out of elementary school to work the fields and later to care for her siblings. In the south, she encountered a myriad of "soul-crushing" experiences, the kind that could have thwarted anyone's path to success. Yet, even thought she never realized her dreams, she dedicated her life to ensuring her daughter would realize hers.

That young girl was my mother, who you can see in the photo above celebrating her 90th birthday.

Facing limited opportunities, she transformed her situation into a story of victory. Excelling as a top student in beauty college, she carved her path as an entrepreneur. This remarkable woman was determined her daughter wouldn't face the same limitations. She sent me to a private school, and encouraged education and independence, which sparked a journey of exploration and resilience, which led me to success in both professional and entrepreneurial fields.

Now, envision a world where your daughter, goddaughters, granddaughters, great-granddaughters, nieces, cousins, and many others have a playful and inspiring resource to help them explore the myriad paths available.

What if, from a young age, they could look beyond their immediate surroundings and dream of careers and aspirations that were beyond my mother's imagination?

It's time we empower every girl to color her dreams!

A crayon and a dream can pave the way for a future leader – you never know the impact it could have!

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This is the heart of this coloring book series,

"Coloring Her Dreams™."

Created for mothers, daughters, and every woman in touch with her inner child, these books go beyond merely coloring inside the lines. They are about vividly and limitlessly coloring your path in life.

Each page opens a gateway to a world brimming with possibilities, featuring women of color in diverse roles such as CEOs, scientists, artists, and leaders. These images are more than mere drawings; they are visual affirmations declaring, "Yes, you can be this, and so much more."

"Coloring Your Dreams" also reaches out to women who grew up without seeing themselves in the storybooks of their youth. It's for the mother aspiring to more for her daughter, and for every girl who has been told her dreams are too grand. It's for every woman who believes it's never too late to pursue those dreams.

This series pays tribute to the past while painting a future rich with opportunities and choices.

Your dreams are valid, your potential limitless, and your story awaits your personal touch.

Join us on this journey of discovery and empowerment. Dare to color outside the lines, dream beyond the margins, and remember: with every page you color, you draw nearer to the reality you wish to create.

Purchase, gift, or sponsor "Coloring Your Dreams" for all the little girls in your life – because their potential is as limitless as their imagination.



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Hello, I'm Anita Charlot,

As the creator of the Coloring Her Dreams™ Series, my passion lies in relentlessly empowering girls and women of all ages to pursue their dreams in their personal and professional lives.

I believe the key to inspiration lies in the joy of the journey. My approach is centered around making the process enjoyable and engaging.

If you're interested in introducing the Coloring Her Dreams™ Series to your organization or want personalized guidance on chasing your dreams, please click the link below to arrange a conversation with me. Let's explore the possibilities together!


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Coloring Her Dreams™: The Aspiring Executives' is the first of the series.

More than just coloring, this series empowers young girls to dream and aspire, showcasing diverse roles and possibilities. Each page is a step toward their bright future.

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Additionally, we offer a unique opportunity to 'Sponsor a Future Leader' – a heartwarming option for those who wish to gift this inspirational series to young girls in underserved communities, ensuring that the power of dreams and aspirations reaches every corner. 

Each purchase, in every form, contributes to spreading empowerment and inspiring young minds across diverse backgrounds.

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