Anita Charlot ~ CEO & BRMP

Has been in the business of writing, speaking, and coaching on the subject of love and all forms of relationships since 1999!!!

While obtaining her Bachelors in Metaphysics, she turned the pain of being a domestic abuse survivor and being a single mom into her passion. The passion of helping women learn how to attract and maintain authentic relationships through practical and spiritual concepts.

Her degrees in business and metaphysics, her desire to succeed no matter the odds, and her military service provide Anita with various experiences across several different industries.

Having climbed the corporate ladder while leaving an abusive marriage, completing her degrees, raising two sons, healing from past pain, running her own coaching business, taking care of an aging parent, to ultimately marrying the love of her life...
Anita knows all too well about the demands of an executive woman's time and the challenges it represents. 

These experiences allow her to authentically connect to executive women from various backgrounds and work on "black girl magic" in helping them navigate their work, home and love lives with confidence and calm while being in command of their emotions.

Anita has worked with clients, delivered keynote speeches, and facilitated retreats in-person and virtual audiences worldwide. 

Her quick wit, tell it like it is persona, and infectious laughter keeps clients and organizations coming back for more. Her willingness to be 100% authentic, including sharing stories of her "menopausal/hormonal journey," leaves her clients feeling like they've known each other for years!

Long after their official time together, Anita and her clients stay in touch for years!

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