RA2 Academy

Offers extensive online programs to enhance your leadership abilities and enable meaningful organizational transformation.

A few of the programs that will become available this fall are listed below. 

  • Understanding Perspectives: Learn the importance of empathy as a driver for inclusive leadership, especially during times of change and civil unrest.

  • The Empathetic Leaders Toolkit: Tools & Strategies for Cultivating Change

  • Allyship in Action for Leaders: Embark on a journey to becoming an effective ally, fostering a supportive environment for Black and Brown women.

  • DEI Mastery: Gain a deep understanding of strategies to incorporate DEI within your organization, building a culture of respect, inclusivity, and equity.

  • Elevating Black and Brown Women in the Workplace: Receive actionable tools to actively advocate for the advancement and success of Black and Brown women within your organization.

  • And More!


Exclusive Programs Created to Enhance Your

Conscious Leadership Journey

  • Foundations of Conscious Leadership Development™: Learn the essence of conscious leadership, aligning your deepest values with your professional endeavors.
  • Activate Your Privilege!™: This program is an invitation to conscious leaders to teach you how to use your positions of influence to become active allies, promoting fairness and equity in the workplace.
  • The Happy Executive Woman™ Foundations: A unique foundational course for women in or who desire to be in executive roles, this program is designed to help you navigate challenges, maintain a healthy work-life balance, and pursue professional fulfillment.
  • For My Black and Brown Sisters™ Membership Community: A specialized support network for Black and Brown women leaders, providing resources, shared experiences, and growth opportunities in a safe, nurturing space.
  • COMING SOON!!! ~ Doing DEI The Right Way, Not the White Way!™: In this program, we dive deeper into the chapters of the book of the same title on DEI initiatives and challenge the status quo. We explore strategies for creating meaningful and sustainable DEI practices centered on the experiences and needs of marginalized communities, specifically Black and Brown women.
    • **Anita's new book Doing DEI The Right Way, Not the White Way!™ will be released later this year—more information to come.

Our Commitment!

Our steadfast commitment to conscious DEI is at the heart of our ethos at RA2 Academy. We're here to challenge the norms, dismantle systemic barriers, help conscious leaders understand how to support Black and Brown women in leadership and advocate for a culture where every voice is heard and respected. 

Inspired by Anita Charlot's transformative leadership, we're empowering you to become the change your organization needs, specifically championing Black and Brown women.

When you're ready to effect enduring change, we're here to support you at every turn.

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