Embracing Conscious Leadership

Are you a leader looking to foster a more inclusive, diverse, and psychologically safe work environment?

Navigating the path toward conscious leadership can be challenging, but you don't have to do it alone.

As a Black Conscious Leadership Consultant and trainer, I will guide you through this transformative journey. We'll explore unconscious biases, cultivate inclusive leadership skills, and develop an action plan tailored to your organization.

The goal? To create a workspace where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued. The journey begins with you and the commitment to transform your leadership style.

Ready to start?


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5 Weeks: 5 Conscious Leadership Lessons.


Recognition and Reflection

These strategies will help you recognize and understand your unconscious biases. 





Education and Empathy

Immerse yourself in learning about cultures and experiences different from your own.



Open Conversation and Active Listening

Open discussion on diversity and inclusion. A safe space where everyone can share their experiences, ask questions, and give suggestions.


Building a Vision for Inclusion

Reflect on the insights from the past few sessions and create a vision for a more inclusive workspace.



Action Plan and Accountability

Working session to develop an action plan based on your vision.



I'm Anita Charlot (shar-low)

After having the worst traumatic corporate experience during the civil unrest and fall out of the George Floyd murder, I decided to shift the focus of my business to teaching leaders that were committed to personal growth and improving the lives of their Black and Brown employees.

I've turned that pain into my purpose. I'll show you how to embrace conscious leadership and how to translate your personal values and beliefs in a way that not only helps satisfy your desire to do something good in the world but do so in a way that increases your bottom line. 

To show you how real-world events may affect your employees, read my 4th of July LinkedIn newsletter:

Recognizing and Addressing the Intersectionality of Independence Day and Black Employees' Experiences

Embracing Conscious Leadership

Join us for 5-weeks that will challenge you to be a better, more compassionate, and conscious leader.

This is not your average "check the box" type of training but a conscious examination of your own biases. It is not an indictment or an attack on your character but rather a crucial step in the journey toward true understanding and mutual respect.

An opportunity to grow, learn, and develop more conscious, inclusive behaviors and attitudes. It's about dismantling the invisible barriers that hinder genuine equality and inclusivity.

Space is limited, so don't wait! Save your spot today.

Individuals $1995 (register before 7/31/23 and use the code EMBRACE for $500 OFF)

Teams (5+) Contact us for pricing

**Should you register and not be able to attend the live training sessions, no worries; all will be recorded, and you will have the opportunity to submit your questions ahead of time.


Register Here - Challenge Begins August 15th