5 Ways to Spiritually & Emotionally Disconnect From Your Ex

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What makes this course different than all of the others?

I’ve been where you are and I’ve lived through it. I remember what it was like to approach the holiday seasons full of grief. Everyone around you is running to the mall, ordering gifts through Amazon for their significant other and you are standing on the sidelines watching. I remember what it was like to have my friends ask me to go with them to pick up to help pick out a gift for their man while the entire time all I want to do is be home, curled up in my bed with a box of tissue and a full bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy (don’t judge me, can’t do ice cream, I’m lactose intolerant). If you can relate on any level to what I’ve experienced in the past, then you will want to take this workshop. Do any of the statements below apply to you?

  • You are having a hard time forgetting about your ex.
    The holiday season stirred up a lot of old memories.
    You found yourself driving by his/her house over the holidays.
  • Your ex-has moved on, even married someone else and yet you’re still holding a torch.
  • You have tried to move on but the memory of your ex and all that came with it, good or bad, continues to pop up at the most inconvenient time.

Yes, I know how hard it is to let go of those memories. To consistently ask yourself “what did I do wrong?” while trying to figure out how to get them back. It’s time to transmute the energy of that relationship so that you can make room in your heart, heal from your past, release those memories and begin to attract the dating and relationship experiences that you really want.

What if you're married? Is this course for you?

ABSOLUTELY! If you are harboring pain, hurt or resentment for things that have happened between you and your spouse, this course can help you to release that energy as well. You will transmute the energy enough to the point where you can begin to connect to them from a place that is filled with love and compassion. Even if the issue is not yet resolved, transmuting the energy will allow you the space to discuss it calmly and peacefully.

Stop Allowing Your Past to Muck-Up Your Present!

Beautiful one, the time is now! Stop allowing pain to fester in your heart. Stop allowing the energy and spirit of relationships past to destroy your love life. Stop living in the past, or existing in a memory and begin to live your life open and ready to receive the love that is meant for you.It’s time for you to let it go so that you can prepare your heart, body, and soul to receive the person that is perfectly imperfect for you.

What People Are Saying:

Anita Charlot’s course – 5 Ways to Spiritually and Emotionally Disconnect From Your Ex is a powerful solution-oriented program to support men and women in breaking free from the emotional, psychological and spiritual chains that keep them from creating and maintaining healthy relationships. If you’re truly ready to break free from old patterns and create the relationship of your dreams I highly recommend that you gift yourself with this course.

Michael Taylor ~ Author of A New Conversation With Men

Let go of the past and open your heart to the future. Sometimes we can’t have healthy relationships because of our past relationships that hurt us and we may feel that we still ‘love’ someone we shouldn’t. We have to learn to let go and live a real life because some people are like poison to our minds. My friend Anita Charlot has an amazing course on how to spiritually disconnect from your ex. It’s awesome. She’s awesome.

Diana Lovell ~ Actor and Entertainer

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