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For the woman that desires 1:1 sessions dedicated and tailored specifically to her needs.

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The Happy Executive Woman™ Mastermind Group Full Pay - w/discount

You're extremely busy. While you do not have the time or are not looking to dive into the challenges you face daily in 1:1 coaching sessions, you still want to connect being in a community of women, just like you, who are experiencing the same types of challenges—a sisterhood of sorts.

You have experienced the great feeling that comes with having a place to go where it is all about you. Where you can go, let your guard down, and express the challenges you experience daily in business and in love. 

A place where…

  • You don't have to have all of the answers.
  • Where you don't need to be the smartest person in the room, 
  • And where you can sit back, relax and allow someone else to build you up, to pour into you, and to freely express without judgment or fear of being seen as weak or worrying about being reported to HR. 

You thrive in an environment that gives you the support you need while providing you with the opportunity to share what you've learned with women who will value and appreciate your input. You didn't get where you are by yourself, and you've had the advice, coaching, mentoring, connections of others around you; navigating your business, home, and love life will be no different.

The key to being happy in business and in love is the synergy of the following: 

  1. Networking Opportunities with like-minded women
  2. 1:1 Private Coaching Session with Anita
  3. Exclusive Community of Support for Accountability
  4. Real-time work-life balance options
  5. Learn, grow, learn from other women just like you. 

I have repeatedly run several of these groups and found that women usually form a strong sisterhood. As a coach that regularly receives coaching, I know the importance of establishing a community. The long-lasting sisterhood friendships created when women support and feel supported by each other are truly a beautiful thing to witness. Women who have never met in person in a mastermind group together go on to have life-long friendships. Having a community of women that share your unique challenges and experiences is sometimes all it takes to give you the "energy" you need to make it through.

Not only are you like sisters, but you also collaborate on business ventures, go on trips together and support each other through some of the most challenging times in your lives. This type of connection forms naturally when part of a community of love, support, and authentic relationships. That is what this community will be for you. 

A small community of 6 women, just like you - in charge and balancing so many moving pieces in their lives. Women who are not necessarily trying to slow down but instead seek to bring a bit of order to the chaos.  

A few of the things the women in this group will do for each other include: listening, supporting, providing suggestions, standing in agreement for the things you want to manifest in your life, and sharing their experiences so that you not only see that you are not alone but that there are different ways to approach any given situation. 

In this group, you will get the practical skills you need to:

  1. Navigate your home, work, and love life with confidence and calm
  2. Uncover and work through any limiting or self-sabotaging behaviors that keep you from recognizing your greatness.
  3. Real-life examples from other women in the group provide you with different ways to approach similar situations that you may have.
  4. Network with other women leaders 
  5. Manage up if the person that you report to is a micromanager
  6. Show up as your authentic self in the workplace and have it work in your favor
  7. Attract the quality of love that you want into your life (or shift the energy in your current relationship)
  8. Determine whether or not you should stay in your current relationship and how to plan your exit strategy if you decide that you don't want to 

If you're ready to learn how to navigate your work, home, and love life with calm and confidence, all while being in command of your emotions, and receive support and a safe space while doing so, then this mastermind is for you! 

The Details:

Supportive Small Group

Each group will have no more than six high-achieving women to ensure that everyone gets personalized attention, customized approaches (instead of one-size-fits-all), and unique self-care routines per woman.

Bi-Weekly Facilitated Calls:

My responsibility is to create a facilitated group where each woman feels heard and has an individualized plan for moving forward over the next week to assist with getting to a "happier place" in business, at home, and in love.

These calls include…

  • Real-time coaching sessions
  • Teaching components (how to deal with a disgruntled employee, a distant husband, a rebelling child, an aging parent, etc.)
  • Using spiritual and practical concepts for self-care
  • Coworking sessions where you bring your current projects/challenges to the group and use the feedback and support to navigate your way through them with calm and confidence, all while being in command of your emotions.

Private Facebook Community

We have a Private Facebook Community for current members only to allow for feedback and sharing of resources between meetings.

The Cost

This program's total fee is $6,000 - which includes the biweekly calls, 1 - private 1:1 coaching session with Anita per month, a Facebook forum, support, accountability, and excellent resources I offer only to clients. My commitment to you is a positive ROI (return on investment) for your work, home, and love life as possible.

Your Commitment

I ask for a 6-month commitment. This is for two reasons. First, it takes time to understand your current situations, identify and "grow through" any limiting behaviors and then plan for and implement lasting changes in your work, home, and love life to get the results you want. Second, the other women in the group invest considerable time and energy in getting to know you. These women will become your tribe, women that believe in collaboration over competition and that may also turn out to be your support system long after the mastermind is over.

Does this sound like the support system you've been looking for? If so, I invite you to fill out the form below. Then I will have a conversation with you (at no cost) to see if this is a good fit for you at this time.

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