Mother's Day Specials

Why not do something for the Mom(s) in your vibration that you know she would NEVER do for herself AND treat YOURSELF at the same time?!?!?!

As a tribute to mothers (bilogical and otherwise) you can save up to 50% OFF or MORE for a limited time!

What if the gift you chose to purchase this year not only helped heal her past pain but also set the her up for success in her dating, relationship and marital experiences?

Now's your chance to do something different!

Buy her the gift that keeps on giving!!!


Autographed Copy Bundle

The 5 Phases of Dating ~ The Grown-Ass Woman's Guide to Attracting and Maintaining Authentic Relationships.

With this book and it's digital companion workbook, she can get clear on the spirit of the one that is perfectly imperfect for her!

$45 VALUE for $35.

**Act fast as I only have a limited supply of autographed copies available.



60 Minute Coaching Session

Personalized 1 on 1 session that will provide her with the love and support that she needs to help her identify the blocks that have stood in her way and also give her tools she can use right away.

I no longer offer this 60-Minute Coaching session but I decided to bring it out of retirement for Mother's Day.

$275 VALUE for $135.

Limited spots available.

**Available to new and previous clients.



Why should you buy these particular gifts for her?

Because... most women (maybe even you) never think that they NEED the help. As black women, we were taught that you keep your business inside the house and you don't share it with strangers.

Well I'm here to tell you that...that thinking is outdated. The reason why so many women do not have the love that they want is because they never learned what was possible for them.

That's why these gifts are SOOOOO important! From the book breaking down the phases to a life changing personalized session...there is bound to be something here to help that special woman learn how to attract and maintain authentic relationships.

If what she has been doing thus far isn't working, it's time for her to try something different. Time to look at her experiences from a different perspective. Time to HEAL and GROW ON!

P.S. If you're still reading then you not only know a woman in your life that could benefit, but you also know that you could use one (if not all) of these gifts for yourself. 

Do yourself a favor and purchase something that you know will help you to improve the quality of your love life as well. You DESERVE it!

"To say I didn't want to admit that I might need a dating and relationship coach is an understatement. It took me nearly 6 months to "give in" and hire someone. I wanted to make sure that the person I was going to trust with one of my biggest insecurities was honest, knowledgeable, compassionate but would kick my ass when I needed her to. Anita was all that AND MORE. In her, I found the right mixture of coach, big sister, and sister-friend. She gave me tough love when I needed it and more importantly permission to be, do and have all of who I am. I am such a fan! I would keep her on a monthly retainer if I could!!! #getyouanAnita"

Deandra Coleman
Founder of She Said YES Project

Who IS Coach Anita Charlot?

As CEO of Relationship ArchitectAcademy, the first online dating, relationship and marriage school of its kind dedicated to teaching high-achieving women how to attract and maintain authentic relationships using practical and spiritual concepts.

With over 20 years in the business, Anita has served thousands of women (and a few smart men) helping them to heal their hearts, build healthy relationships and even mend several marriages that were on the brink of divorce.

Anita’s experience as a domestic abuse survivor, her Bachelors in both Metaphysics and Management, as well a variety of dating experiences allow her to speak to all aspects
of relationships and has made her an expert in her field. As a frequently sought-after dating, relationship and marriage expert for podcasts, radio and streaming television networks, Anita can continue her mission of transforming and elevating the love lives of as many women as possible.

As a metaphysician with a spiritual toolbox that provides a delicate balance of mental, emotional, spiritual and metaphysical healing modalities, Anita intuitively “reads between the lies” that women have been programmed to believe about love and is able to create long-lasting transformation in the hearts, minds and even careers of the women that she serves.

This healing could take the form of walking away from an abusive situation or an unsatisfying career; increasing their relationship attracting energy and elevating their dating and relationship experiences; healing, releasing and opening the energetic blocks that have kept them from receiving the love they’ve always wanted and, on a few occasions, unexpected bundles of joy.


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